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Develop in a Floodplain

Are you in a floodplain?

View our GIS Interactive Map to see currently regulated Ordinance No. 458 floodplains within Riverside County.

If you are in a floodplain and want to build

Riverside County Ordinance No. 458 regulates development and substantial improvements within a regulatory floodplain. Any development or substantial improvement within a regulated floodplain may require a Separate Application for a floodplain review. The submittal requirements for a Separate Application are here:

Download Separate Application for Floodplain Review

Download Review Requirements In Manufactured Home Park

The finished floor elevation of residential structures proposed in the floodplain are required to be elevated 1 foot above the 100-year floodplain Base Flood Elevation (BFE) per 2016 California Residential Code Section R322. An elevation certificate will be required for all new buildings and substantial improvements in all identified Special Flood Hazard Areas to show it was properly elevated. This elevation information is needed to show compliance with the floodplain management ordinance.

The District is responsible for floodplain management and regulation within unincorporated Riverside County. If your property is located within a city, contact the appropriate agency regarding floodplain questions. City contact information is available on our City Contacts page.



Certificates To Satisfy Permit Conditions: