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Master Drainage Plans

Master Drainage Plan (MDP)

A master drainage plan addresses the current and future drainage needs of a given community. The boundary of the plan usually follows regional watershed limits. The proposed facilities may include channels, storm drains, levees, basins, dams, wetlands or any other conveyance capable of economically relieving flooding problems within the plan area. The plan includes an estimate of facility capacity, sizes and costs.

MDP's are prepared for a variety of purposes. First, the plans provide a guide for the orderly development of the County. Second, they provide an estimate of costs to resolve flooding issues within a community. These plans are used by the District's Management, Zone Commissioners and Board of Supervisors to determine Capital Project expenditures for each budget year. Finally, the plans can be used to establish Area Drainage Plan fees for a given community, which prevent existing taxpayers from having to shoulder the burden of land development costs.


Project Planning

The Project Planning Section is responsible for preparing and/or revising Master Drainage Plans (MDPs) and Area Drainage Plans (ADPs), conducting project feasibility studies, and preparing project costs for the District Budget/CIP. Planning is also tasked with reviewing special hydrology studies, and handling public requests for information.

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