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Development Process


The District’s Development Review Section reviews proposed subdivision and land use cases for unincorporated county areas located within the District’s boundaries. The County Planning Department forwards entitlement cases for review and District staff recommends conditions of approval for each case to the Riverside County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

A typical review includes a flood hazard assessment (report), recommended conditions of approval concerning flood protection and drainage infrastructure and, when applicable, identification of Area Drainage Plan fees. Development cases within incorporated areas typically receive only a cursory review focusing on District Master Drainage Plan facilities and, when applicable, identification of Area Drainage Plan fees.

Case Reviewer Phone Number Email Address
Amy McNeill 951-955-1214 [email protected]
Ava Moussavi 951-955-4954 [email protected]
Daniel Aguirre 951-955-1348 [email protected]
Laura Lopez 951-955-8851 [email protected]


Plan Check

Developer-prepared improvement plans for drainage infrastructure are checked by the District’s Plan Check section on a fee-for-service basis. The Developer establishes a plan check account with the District and furnishes an initial deposit. All plan check expenses are subsequently deducted from the Developer’s account. Occasionally, it may be necessary to furnish an additional deposit. Upon project acceptance, any funds remaining in the account are refunded to the Developer within 45 days.

At the time the initial plan check submittal is made, the improvement plans and all necessary supporting documentation shall be delivered to the District along with 1) a check or money order; 2) a completed Plan Check Application, Submittal Requirement form; and 3) a Plan Check Deposit Based Fee Worksheet. The submittal must be complete for the plans to be scheduled for checking. Use the links to view the Plan Check Application and Submittal Requirements and Plan Check Deposit Based Fee Worksheet in PDF format. For projects currently undergoing improvement plan or grading plan review, please contact the District’s Plan Check Section at 951-955-8626 for permit clearances or paying Area Drainage Plan fees.

Plan Checker Phone Number Email Address
Ruddy Argueta 951-955-1239 [email protected]


Co-Operative Agreement

Contract Services prepares cooperative agreements that involve the District and/or a combination of other entities, such as developers, the County, and Cities. A Cooperative Agreement establishes the respective roles and responsibilities of each party involved in the project delivery/acceptance process. To initiate preparation of an agreement, submit a completed Application for Agreement Preparation to the Administrative Services Section. Be sure to include all requested supporting information as attachments to the application. The cost of preparing and processing the agreement will be charged to the applicant’s plan check account.

Once the co-operative agreement is executed, the following will need to be completed:

  • Administrative Clearance
  • Environmental Clearance
  • Right of Way Clearance
  • Inspection Account Funded
Contact Phone Number Email Address
Ann Rolle 951-955-1243 [email protected]



Once the Contract Service’s clearances are obtained and an Inspection Account has been funded, the following items must be received to obtain by the District’s Construction Management Section to schedule a pre-Construction Meeting and to issue Notice to Proceed.

  • D-Load Request Form
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Trench Shoring Calculations/False Work
  • Letter from Developer stating Geotechnical Firm
  • Letter from Developer stating concrete lab/test firm
  • Concrete Mix Design
Contact Phone Number Email Address
Nicholas Guizado 951-955-1288 [email protected]
Eric Lomeli 951-955-1260 [email protected]
Andrew Chan 951-955-1211 [email protected]