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District Projects

District Facilities

The District operates and maintains major flood control facilities such as dams, flood basins, levees, open channels and major underground storm drains. In most cases, the District does not maintain storm drain inlets or pipes less than 36 inches in diameter. These inlets and smaller facilities are typically maintained by city street departments or County Transportation Department.

District Facilities

Encroachment Permits

A District encroachment permit is required to use District property or to connect to District facilities either temporarily or permanently. The District's Encroachment Permit Engineer reviews the proposed uses and inspects the activity. The application fee for a permit is $500 ($250 for temporary access) with an additional charge for construction inspection. Proof of insurance is needed before the activity may begin. For details or a copy of the permit application with instructions please call the District's Encroachment Permit Engineer at (951) 955-1266. For more information visit our Encroachment Permits page.

Maintenance and Repair

The Project Maintenance section is charged with the daily maintenance and emergency repair of the District drainage system – a system consisting of over 420 miles of storm drains, open channels & levees along with nearly 40 dams and detention basins. Functions range from vegetation and rodent management, to fencing repairs and graffiti removal. The District's maintenance forces may only perform work on District facilities and within District property. To report a problem please call the District's Maintenance Office at (951) 955-1310 or (951) 955-1558. Storm drain inlets or catch basins are generally the responsibility of the local transportation authority. Residents of unincorporated county areas should report clogged storm drain inlets or catch basins to the County Transportation Department's Road Maintenance Section (951) 955-6899. City residents should call their city public works or street maintenance department. Problems related to grading or diversion of surface flows generally fall under the purview of the appropriate City or County Building and Safety Department.

Construction Projects

The engineering design of all projects constructed by the District is performed by, or under the direct supervision of, one of the District's design teams. They are responsible for coordinating all activities involved in moving projects forward from the conceptual planning phase to the actual start of construction. The Contract Administration section administers all District construction contracts and inspects the construction of all flood control projects to be accepted for operation and maintenance by the District. For information about projects under design, construction projects currently being advertised or to order copies of our standard drawings (design manual) please call the District's front desk at (951) 955-1200. Also, check under Construction Bid Opps - Currently Advertised Projects for projects up for bids.