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Construction Bid Opps

Construction Bids

Currently Advertised Projects

District Project Bid Date Posted    
NORTH NORCO CHANNEL, STAGE 11 03/14/2023 Abstract Summary
EL CERRITO CHANNEL RESTORATION, STAGE 90 02/22/2023 Abstract Summary
North Norco Channel Line NB, Stage 3 07/12/2022 Abstract Summary
Paramount Estates MDP Line C 12/01/2021 Bid Abstract & Summary
LAKELAND VILLAGE MDP LINE H 10/20/2021 Abstract Summary
Potrero Creek Debris Basin, Stage 90 Emergency Sediment Removal 09/29/2021 Abstract Summary
Beaumont MDP Line 16 Stage 50 Recharge Basin Feeder 06/16/2021 Abstract Summary
Palm Springs MDP Line 41, Stage 3 and Stage 4 05/26/2021 Abstract Summary
Woodcrest Dam Outlet Modification Stage 90 04/08/2021 Abstract Summary
Romoland MDP Line A-3 Stages 2 and 3 04/07/2021 Abstract Summary
Bautista Creek Channel Recharge Basin Expansion Stage 50 03/11/2021 Abstract Summary
ORTEGA CHANNEL RETROFIT, STAGE 91 04/01/2020 Abstract Summary
BANNING MDP LINE H, STAGE 1 01/23/2020 Abstract Summary
JURUPA-PYRITE MDP LINE A-2, STAGE 1 11/21/2019 Abstract Summary
Palm Canyon Wash Stage 94 (Emergency Sediment Excavation) 08/22/2019 Abstract Summary
Desert Hot Springs - MDP LINE E-5 Stage 1 08/08/2019 Abstract Summary
South Norco Ch Stg 6 Norco MDP Line S-1 Stg 1 and Norco MDP Line S-5 Stg 1 04/03/2019 Abstract Summary
Norco MDP Line NA-1 Stg 2 and Lateral NA-1A Stg 1 10/11/2018 Abstract Summary
Meadowview Stream Restoration Stage 60 06/13/2018 Abstract Summary
Heacock Channel Sunnymead MDP Line B Stages 3 and 4 07/13/2017 Abstract Summary
Monroe MDP - Monroe Channel Stage 4 05/05/2017 Abstract Summary
Banning MDP Line D-2 and Lateral D-2A 11/14/2016 Abstract Summary
University Wash Channel Stage 3 10/03/2016 Abstract Summary
Homeland MDP Line 1 Stage 1 10/22/2015 Abstract Summary
Santa Ana Brine Line 08/05/2015 Abstract Summary
Hemet MDP Line C Stage 4 06/08/2015 Abstract Summary
Romoland MDP Line A Stage 4 12/22/2014 Abstract Summary
Palm Springs Line 43 and Lateral 43A Stage 1 09/11/2014 Abstract Summary
Temescal Creek - Foster Road Storm Drain Stage 1 09/02/2014 Abstract Summary
Little Lake MDP Line B Stage 1 Stetson Ave Channel Stage 7 aka Hemet MDP Line D 07/22/2014 Abstract Summary
West End Moreno MDP Line LL 05/29/2014 Abstract Summary
Gilman Home Channel Lat A Gilman Stage 90 04/11/2014 Abstract Summary
North Norco Channel Stage 10 01/16/2014 Abstract Summary
Pyrite Channel Bypass Pyrite St SD Stage 1 01/09/2014 Abstract Summary
Romoland MDP Line A Stage 3 12/09/2013 Abstract Summary
San Jacinto Line C Stg 2 Lines C-4 C-5 B 10/31/2013 Abstract Summary
Ortega Channel - Emergency Interim DB Stage 90 10/10/2013 Abstract Summary
Arroyo Del Toro Channel Stage 1 09/19/2013 Abstract Summary
HVAC and Boiler Units and EMS Replacement 09/19/2013 Abstract Summary
Norco Lat N-1D and Norco Spirit Knoll 05/09/2013 Abstract Summary
Eagle Canyon Dam and Debris Basin 01/17/2013 Abstract Summary
Alessandro Dam Sediment Removal 10/15/2012 Abstract Summary
Mira Loma Beach Street SD Stage 1 08/30/2012 Abstract Summary
Day Creek MDP Line J Stage 2 07/11/2012 Abstract Summary
San Jacinto River North Levee Repair 07/10/2012 Abstract Summary
Lakeland Village - Orange Street Storm Drain Lateral Stage 1 05/17/2012 Abstract Summary
Calimesa - Avenue L Storm Drain Stage 2 04/15/2012 Abstract Summary
Montecito Ranch - Jameson Rd SD Repair 02/23/2012 Abstract Summary
Day Creek Channel Stage 6 Phase 2 01/19/2012 Abstract Summary
Cabazon Repairs and Montgomery Repairs 01/12/2012 Abstract Summary
Homeland MDP Line 2, Stage 2 01/11/2012 Abstract Summary
Day Creek - Frank Avenue Storm Drain 08/17/2011 Abstract Summary
Palm Canyon Wash Stage 4 Levee Restoration Stage 91 07/14/2011 Abstract Summary
La Sierra Channel and Arlington Channel Repairs 05/26/2011 Abstract Summary
Palm Canyon Wash/Arenas Levee Restoration, Stage 92 04/21/2011 Abstract Summary
Corona Drains East Ontario Stg 1 and 2 Line 1G Stg 2 04/19/2011 Abstract Summary
Murrieta Line F Channel Repair 04/19/2011 Abstract Summary
Pedley Hills Bolero Drive Storm Drain, Stage 1 01/11/2011 Abstract Summary
L.I.D. Testing & Demo Facility, Parking Lot, Water Efficient Landscape 09/07/2010 Abstract Summary
Norco MDP Line NA-3 & North Norco Channel Line N-1, Stage 2 06/29/2010 Abstract Summary
Menifee - Hawthorne Avenue Storm Drain, Stage 1 04/15/2010 Abstract Summary
Palm Canyon Wash Levee Rehab & Channel Restoration 01/05/2010 Abstract Summary

Information to Obtain Specs

Specifications and Contract Documents may be examined at the District's office at 1995 Market Street, Riverside, California 92501, and may be obtained upon payment to District of $60.00 per set received at the District's office and $65.00 per set if mailed. The Specifications and Contract Documents are also offered on CD-ROM for $10.00 received at the District's office and $15.00 if mailed. No refund.

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Checks Payable to - RCFC
  • Credit Cards - Master Card or Visa

For mail delivery, please call 951.955.1200 and ask to speak to the Cashier to purchase the Specifications and Contract Documents book and/or cd.

For an additional charge, you may order Full Size Drawings; please call 951.955.1220 to speak to someone in our Reproduction Section.

For Ebidboard members, the Specifications and Contract Documents are available FREE at If you download the files from Ebidboard, you do not need to purchase the documents from the District.

The Plan Holders List may be obtained through the Ebidboard link under Construction Bid Opps - Currently Advertised Projects or by calling the District at 951.955.1200.