State Trash Amendments
Trash Amendments Compliance Tracks
On April 7, 2015, the State Water Board adopted Amendments to two (2) Water Quality Control Plans:
  • Ocean Plan
  • Inland Surface Waters Plan
Together, they are collectively referred to as the "Trash Amendments". The U.S. EPA approved the Trash Amendments on January 12, 2016.

The Trash Amendments include the following:
  • The Trash Amendments apply to all surface waters of the State
  • The discharge of trash to surface waters of the State or the deposition of trash where it may be discharged into surface waters of the State is prohibited
MS4 Permittees shall select from the following two (2) compliance tracks:

Track 1 shall:
  • Install, operate, and maintain full capture systems for all storm drains that captures runoff from the priority land uses in their jurisdictions

Track 2 shall:
  • Install, operate, and maintain any combination of full capture systems, multi-benefit projects, other treatment controls, and/or institutional controls
  • Create an Implementation Plan that describes the rational for the controls selected, how the combination of controls is designed to achieve full capture systems equivalency and how full capture systems equivalency will be demonstrated
Priority Land Uses Time Schedule
MS4 Permittees with regulatory authority over priority land uses shall comply with the Trash Amendments.

Priority land uses are developed sites which include:
  • High Density Residential (10 Dwelling Units/Acre)
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Mixed Urban
  • Public Transportation Stations
  • Alternative Areas
  • Other Areas Determined by the State
  • December 2, 2015 – Office of Administrative Law approved the Trash Amendments
  • Within 18 months, the MS4 Permittees will receive notice from their respective Regional Water Quality Control Board to select a compliance Track
  • The MS4 Permittee will have 3 months to elect to comply with Track 1 or Track 2
  • If Track 2 is selected, the MS4 Permittee will have 18 months to develop a plan from the date of the implementing permit
  • Annual reports need to show average load reductions of 10% achievement per year
  • 10 years to provide proof of full compliance from the date of the implementing permit. Proof of full capture systems installation is required
  • The approximate compliance year is 2027
Questions and Answers:
Q: Is there existing trash capture plans, approved devices and efforts already underway?
A: Yes, the Bay area and Los Angeles have been addressing similar requirements for approximately the last 10 years. Any new devices will have to be approved by the State Water Board.

Q: Is there a single location where I could find many of the existing documents?
A: The District will be posting existing plans and documents on their website.

Q: Are we going to address this issue as part of our regional MS4 programs?
A: As of now, each MS4 Permittee is responsible to comply with the trash amendments for the priority land uses within their jurisdiction. The District is willing to assist however possible and is open to ideas.

Q: Will a land use map be provided?
A: Yes, the District has provided preliminary mapping based on existing land uses. However, it is up to each MS4 Permittee to determine priority land uses for compliance.
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