Topographic Maps
Sectional Topographic Maps Photocopy prints are available of topographic maps. The maps cover one section, i.e., they are square and are one mile on each side. The contour interval is four feet. In most areas, they are available in 1"=200' and 1"=400' and may be available in orthophoto or line drawing styles. Most sections are available in digital form.

First print of each section                          $30.00
Additional prints of the same section   $ 6.00 ea.
Digital information (CD-ROM)                 $30.00 per section plus writing fee

Design Topographic Maps
This type of topographic map is available only for very limited areas. Scales differ and usually have a 1' contour interval.

$350.00 per sheet

Please call (951) 955-1220 or E-mail Reproduction section for information and to order.
Aerial Photographs
Historical aerial photographs are available for most of Western Riverside County from 1948 to the present in various years. Riverside County is covered entirely in our 1990 and 1995 county flights. Stereo coverage is available for the entire county. We need to know the full area you want in the photograph, the approximate year, and if you want stereo coverage. Contact prints are black and white, 9" x 9".

First contact print                  $25.00
Additional contact prints    $11.00 ea.
Surcharge on 1990,1995,2000 & 2005 county flights $ 9.00 ea. after the first one
Digital (CD-ROM)                $25.00 per frame + surcharge if applicable + writing fee

Other services are available for aerial photography such as enlargements up to 20 times, reductions, mosaics, dia-positives and custom scanning for digital data.

Please call (951) 955-1220 or E-mail Reproduction section for information and to order.

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