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The Project Planning Sections are responsible for preparing and/or revising Master Drainage Plans (MDPs) and Area Drainage Plans (ADPs), conducting project feasibility studies, and preparing project costs for the District Budget/CIP. Planning is also tasked with preparing the Water Quality Manual and updates, reviewing District interest cases and special hydrology studies, and handling public requests for information. MDP/ADP Map

ADP Rules and Regulations

District Approved Software
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The Development Review Section reviews both subdivision and land use cases in unincorporated areas within the District's boundaries. These cases are sent to the District for review by the County Planning Department. The District case reviewers then recommend conditions of approval for these projects to the County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. A normal review consists of a flood hazard report and conditions specifically geared to the project for flood protection, facility construction and Area Drainage Plan fees. The District also reviews Water Quality Management Plans for developments in the unincorporated parts of the county including in the Coachella Valley. Development cases within incorporated areas are given only a cursory review that concentrates on District Master Drainage Plan facilities and Area Drainage Plan fees. County Fast Track cases are given priority and the turnaround time for their review is generally less than one week. All other cases are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.
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Plans are checked on a fee for service basis. The District draws expenses from a deposit made by the developer and refunds the remainder in full within 45 days of the District's plan approval. Plans to be checked should be delivered to the District with a check or money order, a completed Plan Check Application, a Submittal Requirement form, and a Deposit Based Fee worksheet. The submittal must be complete for the plans to be scheduled for checking. Plan Check Application

Plan Check Deposit Based Fee Worksheet

Encroachment Permits
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The Administrative Services prepares cooperative agreements that involve the District and/or a combination of other entities, such as developers, the County, and Cities. In addition, this section also prepares Consulting/Professional Services Agreements between the District and outside firms.

Developers may be required, through the conditions of approval for their development, to construct flood control facilities. If the developer desires the District to take over operations and maintenance of the drainage facilities, the developer needs an agreement prior to starting construction. In addition to cooperative agreements, this section also prepares Consulting/Professional Services Agreements between the District and outside firms.
Agreement Application

District's Confined Spaces Procedures

California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5157 - Permit-Required Confined Spaces

California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5158 - Other Confined Space Operations

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