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About This Project

With an eye toward the last half of its name, the District recently initiated a $2.5M construction contract that will not only update its parking lot and grounds, but will do so utilizing state-of-the-art water conservation and low impact development techniques and practices. The Project was partly funded by a $475,000 grant issued by the State Water Resource Control Board and administered by the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority. The major features of the project include:
  • Conversion of approximately 8,400 square feet of existing asphalt pavement & base with new porous asphalt pavement and new porous concrete pavement and sub drain systems;

  • Construction of two raised flow-through planters and one landscape filter basin (“rain gardens");

  • Revision of the parking circulation layout to reduce impervious asphalt and eliminate over 600 lineal feet of concrete curb, gutter, and storm drain in favor of a vegetated infiltration swale;

  • Replacement of two-thirds of the site’s turfed area with drought tolerant landscaping and efficient irrigation systems designed to meet the County’s Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.

  • Deepening of an existing infiltration basin to facilitate positive drainage for the LID features; and

  • Construction of 10 monitoring vaults with flow and water quality monitoring equipment.

In addition to conserving water, the project will also be a laboratory for testing the water quality and water conservation benefits of these LID features. The long term effectiveness and durability of the LID features will also be tracked. The data will be used to improve the design and deployment of these features in the future.