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The Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District has been developing its Geographical Information System for almost twenty years. We have many layers completed including our facilities, flood zone, encroachment permits and many others. We currently utilize Oracle Spatial, Intergraph's GeoMedia and ESRI products.

What is GIS?

GIS is a computer-based technology that combines geographic features with attribute data to visualize, explore, query, edit, and analyze geographical information. The most valuable aspect is being able to analyze information spatially while serving as a decision-support tool for analysis of real life decisions. GIS also provides the ability to create full-color custom maps and graphics based on a collection of data along with aerial photography. Databases and maps are part of the GIS technology and provide the base from which vast amounts of information can be stored, maintained, and analyzed with endless capabilities.

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              District Boundary: KMZ Shape File Metadata
              District Facilities Area: KMZ
              District Facilities Lines: KMZ
              District By Supervisor: KMZ Shape File Metadata
              District Zones: KMZ Shape File Metadata
              County Boundary: KMZ Shape File Metadata


       District Boundary
       Supervisorial District
       District Zone Commissioners

       External GIS Links & Resources
              Cal-Atlas Geospatial Clearinghouse
              U.S. Census Bureau
              U.S. Geological Survey

Staff / Contact

Alma Hidalgo (GIS Supervisor Analyst)
David Barstad (GIS Analyst)
Christina Lindsay (GIS Analyst)

GIS Data Disclaimer

It is expressly agreed and understood by the USER of the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District GIS data released hereby (whether released in digital or map format) that the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (“District”) makes no representation as to its accuracy. Further, it is the intent of the parties hereto that the USER shall independently determine the accuracy thereof prior to placing any reliance whatsoever on the information.

Further, the USER shall hold district and the County of Riverside, together with the officers, agents and employees of each, free and harmless from any liability whatsoever, including wrongful death, based on asserted upon any act or omission of District or County, their officers, agents, employees or subcontractors, relating to or in any way concerned with or arising from the use of this GIS data and information; and USER agrees to protect and defend, including all attorney fees and other expenses, each of the foregoing bodies and persons in any legal action based or asserted upon any such acts or omissions. USER also agrees not to sell, reproduce or release this GIS data to others for any purpose whatsoever without prior written permission from the District.

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