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     District Project Bid Date Posted Abstract Summary
     Heacock Channel Sunnymead MDP Line B Stages 3 and 4 07/13/2017 View View
     Monroe MDP - Monroe Channel Stage 4 05/05/2017 View View
     Banning MDP Line D-2 and Lateral D-2A 11/14/2016 View View
     University Wash Channel Stage 3 10/03/2016 View View
     Homeland MDP Line 1 Stage 1 10/22/2015 View View
     Santa Ana Brine Line 08/05/2015 View View
     Hemet MDP Line C Stage 4 06/08/2015 View View
     Romoland MDP Line A Stage 4 12/22/2014 View View
     Palm Springs Line 43 and Lateral 43A Stage 1 09/11/2014 View View
     Temescal Creek - Foster Road Storm Drain Stage 1 09/02/2014 View View
     Little Lake MDP Line B Stage 1 Stetson Ave Channel Stage 7 aka            Hemet MDP Line D 07/22/2014 View View
     West End Moreno MDP Line LL 05/29/2014 View View
     Gilman Home Channel Lat A Gilman Stage 90 04/11/2014 View View
     North Norco Channel Stage 10 01/16/2014 View View
     Pyrite Channel Bypass Pyrite St SD Stage 1 01/09/2014 View View
     Romoland MDP Line A Stage 3 12/09/2013 View View
     San Jacinto Line C Stg 2 Lines C-4 C-5 B 10/31/2013 View View
     Ortega Channel - Emergency Interim DB Stage 90 10/10/2013 View View
     Arroyo Del Toro Channel Stage 1 09/19/2013 View View
     HVAC and Boiler Units and EMS Replacement 09/19/2013 View View
     Norco Lat N-1D and Norco Spirit Knoll 05/09/2013 View View
     Eagle Canyon Dam and Debris Basin 01/17/2013 View View
     Alessandro Dam Sediment Removal 10/15/2012 View View
     Mira Loma Beach Street SD Stage 1 08/30/2012 View View
     Day Creek MDP Line J Stage 2 07/11/2012 View View
     San Jacinto River North Levee Repair 07/10/2012 View View
     Lakeland Village - Orange Street Storm Drain Lateral Stage 1 05/17/2012 View View
     Calimesa - Avenue L Storm Drain Stage 2 04/15/2012 View View
     Montecito Ranch - Jameson Rd SD Repair 02/23/2012 View View
     Day Creek Channel Stage 6 Phase 2 01/19/2012 View View
     Cabazon Repairs and Montgomery Repairs 01/12/2012 View View
     Homeland MDP Line 2, Stage 2 01/11/2012 View View
     Day Creek - Frank Avenue Storm Drain 08/17/2011 View View
     Palm Canyon Wash Stage 4 Levee Restoration Stage 91 07/14/2011 View View
     La Sierra Channel and Arlington Channel Repairs 05/26/2011 View View
     Palm Canyon Wash/Arenas Levee Restoration, Stage 92 04/21/2011 View View
     Corona Drains East Ontario Stg 1 and 2 Line 1G Stg 2 04/19/2011 View View
     Murrieta Line F Channel Repair 04/19/2011 View View
     Pedley Hills Bolero Drive Storm Drain, Stage 1 01/11/2011 View View
     L.I.D. Testing & Demo Facility, Parking Lot, Water Efficient Landscape 09/07/2010 View View
     Norco MDP Line NA-3 & North Norco Channel Line N-1, Stage 2 06/29/2010 View View
     Menifee - Hawthorne Avenue Storm Drain, Stage 1 04/15/2010 View View
     Palm Canyon Wash Levee Rehab & Channel Restoration 01/05/2010 View View

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